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     Show Ending Prayer

Pray before you ride, while you're riding & after your ride,then do the same on your return trip home. Drivers look more than twice as you're out, the life you may take is a life the Lord wants here until He cracks the skies & call us Home, so ride with & know He's always riding with you. Burn Rubber, Not Ya Soul

Dj Fxx Bio

I had a love of music as a kid & motorcycles, I listened to Donnie Simpson on WKYS & the late Melvin Lindsey of the Quiet Storm on WHUR ( yep I grew up here in the DC area) & I knew that I wanted to do radio when I got older.  Well as years pass I became a dj in at a club in Md.

Then years later I moved to Charlotte, NC where I found myself getting a bike (motorcycle) & Dj-ing for a local clubs & a radio stations street team & shortly joined a M/C called Xtreme Riders M/C. While in the club I found a new world of possibilities & brotherhood. I then found a new love as I grew into the biker world…riding almost anywhere & everywhere with & w/out my club. Never giving up Dj-ing & I found a way to combine my love of music & riding by dj-ing bike events either alone or with other djs in & around the sets.

Years later my bike was stolen, but I never gave up hope that I will one day ride again.

Moving forward I moved back to the DMV & still having the love of riding & music.

Feeling a void of not riding & unable to get a bike & dj. I fell in love & got married not to fill the void. Now a father & husband I knew there was something I could still do, just didn‘t know what. Then the remembering my childhood dream of being on the radio. God opened some doors that lead him to the Boogies Spot w/L-Boogie & crew; an internet radio show that I quickly caught on & I brought a new flavor to the show by announcing bike club events, doing drops & commercial spots. Then POW more doors opened for me, I started dj-ing more & instead of joining a M/C I wanted to start one, but it blossomed to a M/M (Motorcycle Ministry) That's still in the making & now I’m starting a brand new journey in my life. I can't wait to see what God has Purpose of me next. He will Open door no man can close.

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